Exhumation (2018)
Director: Daniel McIntyre

“Peeling back the shrouded image, Exhumation is a reanimation of long lost desire.” Daniel McIntyre

The score for Exhumation is meant to feel like a conjuring.

Watch the full film on NOWNESS: www.nowness.com/series/video-art-visions/exhumation-daniel-mcintyre-celebrity-scandal-art-film

As typical with my scores for Daniel's films, I attempted to mimic his process of creating visuals though my use of sound.

I created a set of digital instruments by manipulating samples of tumbling rocks, funeral marches and requiems, all in reverse. Additional rhythms were designed using heavily processed sounds of the heartbeat as heard through the stethoscope—sounds that were sampled from the medical gay porn footage used in the film.

The collage of sound resulted in a ceremonial song for an exhumation. One with a touch of black magic and a queer undertone.

  • Presented at 32nd BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival, British Film Institute, London, March 201
  • Presented at Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, May 2018
  • Presented at 33rd Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visions, Torino, May 2018
  • Presented at Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, June 201
  • Presented at Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, July 201
  • Presented at Outfest Los Angeles, July 2018
  • Jury Prize – Best Experimental Film, Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, July 201
  • Nomination – Short Film Competition, Norwegian Short Film Festival, June 2018
  • Presented on NOWNESS as part of the Video Art Visions series, 2018